Wednesday, March 4

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Arcada, 10:27


Tomas and I held a lottery in which each member of the class picked a strip of paper containing the name of one of the tools from the Inspiration stage of Ideo’s Human Centred Design field guide. They had thirty minutes to read up on it and understand it. After a brief Q&A to clear up any confusion we have divided the class into groups of four and they will now sit in a world café set-up to champion their tool, learn about the others, and come to a view on their relationships. They will participate in three different cafés to do this.

While Tomas finishes explaining I turn to look at the screen where he has a page of the Field Guide projected. I see my silhouette. “What an interesting silhouette”, I think letting my mind wander for a moment.

I pick up my iPad and photograph it in preference to photographing the students now or this afternoon.

They will get a mighty surprise this afternoon at 14:00 when they will find themselves face to face with Sahan, Simi and the members of DGD, thanks to the wonders of Zoom.