Thursday, March 5


Home, 19:17


Things I did today:

  1. Worked with Tomas and students taking the Innovations course;
  2. Listened to Kendl Winter’s album Stumbler’s Business. If you have never heard Karen Dalton you would probably have to describe Kendl Winter’s voice as unique. If you have heard Karen Dalton, you would probably have to describe her voice as almost unique;
  3. Listened to Karen Dalton singing When a Man Loves a Woman from her album In My Own Time, because of point 2;
  4. Discussed various ways of advancing various strands of our projects.

I now sit reading a monograph about pragmatism and the self (the way you do).

I notice a hook on the wall. Donkey or horse? Take your pick. I cannot remember exactly where we got it, but I know we have had it for years and it has hung around in several locations.

I photograph it, as a way of taking a few minutes off from concentrating on what Mead said about Peirce and Dewey. Peirce, of course, preferred to label his thought pragmaticism because, you know, Peirce.