Friday, March 6

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Outside Arcada, 15:07


Tomas went to Turku to present the full version of his doctoral thesis to an outside examiner for the first time, so I took the Innovations workshop on my own. The students arrived having decided what skill they wanted to bring to bear on the problem, and set about forming teams.

At 14:00 they had finished and Mirko, Monica, Riku and I went upstairs for what we have come to refer to as Cake Day: the monthly rector’s chat session at which we get coffee and cake.

Afterwards I walk downstairs and wander out of the building for a short walk.

This morning I left home to walk to the bus stop as snow fell all around. Now the sky has turned bright blue and the temperature has risen. It looks like early summer.

Later I will board a tram to the British Embassy for our monthly beer at Well in the Park.

Cakes and ale, and all in one day!