Saturday, March 7

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Vartokyläntie, 11:34


I go for a forty five minute walk and spot a new retro Beetle. I remember several things when I see it. Volkswagen stopped making them last month, so the retro trend has officially ended. The trend started with a generic retro Chrysler and continued with the reimagined Mini, which turned into a whole product line, some bigger than an average SUV. Fiat reimagined the Fiat 500 to little interest.

After brunch I will get my bike out and inflate the front tyre. If Monica can walk to work at this time of the year (which she did all last week) then the time to cycle to Puotila must have arrived.

I spot the cycling helmets we got from Slush. They say Voi, which must have meant something to somebody at the time.

Later I will cycle to Prisma. I will avoid wearing my helmet for reasons of style.