Tuesday, August 28

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Arcada, 12:10

Today was the first early day of the week and Auo and I crept out at about 7:10. The weather was cold. I answered emails until 10:00 when we all trooped down to the large auditorium to address the second and third years, covering them with as much enthusiasm as they could bear.

Now I am racing to Aalto to register as a doctoral student. I will, of course, find that the offices have moved and the system has changed, and I need to do it again on Thursday. Back at Arcada I will try to have a quick lunch but find that the student three in front of me has jammed the credit card machine with a card so odd that all the systems shut down. The result? I will gobble down my chicken and run up the stairs to get to the meeting with the second and third year online media students.

This meeting will involve me holding a malfunctioning projector against various walls while Jutta endeavours to provide a detailed description of the courses for the coming year. After this I will answer mails, and try to get the overhead cables in the online media studio fixed.

Later I will spend the evening trying to make sense of chapter six of the thesis.