Monday, March 9

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Arcada, 15:00


For a year or more I have used a monospaced font when I write in Scrivener. It helps me to remember that whatever I write here counts as a draft, and should go through an editing and layout process before I send it out into the world.

Today I switched from using 14pt Courier Prime as my writing font, to using 12pt Source Code Pro, as a result of something I read by SilverDragon in the Literature & Latte user forums over the weekend. I expect you feel suddenly happy to know that.

At 10am we met with Vani Rao who wanted to know how the projects in India have progressed. We gave her an update, and several issues moved forward.

When I eventually got to Arcada Tomas and I went to S-Market to buy lunch, but actually to discover that it has closed until April 22 for refitting. I went to Lidl instead.

The question now: what kind of refitting will S-Market get that will take it out of service for six weeks? I suspect it will involve faux rural grocery / farmers’ market boxes, wooden shelving, in-house bakeries and improved fresh sections.

Let’s see.