Tuesday, March 10

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Hämeentie, 8:52


This morning I intended to cycle to work but Wally Weather decided not. The rain in the night had turned to a persistent in-your-face drizzle so I reluctantly walked to the bus stop.

I then decided to stay on the 55 bus until the mall and walk to K-Market to complete my week’s lunch. Once I got there I understood why S-Market had closed for upgrading. Faux farmer’s market vegetable section? Check. Fruit and vegetables arranged like a street market? Check. Flat wooden shelving? Check. Large fresh produce section? Check. A huge variety of vegan and vegetarian goods including Quorn (which you don’t ever see in Finland)? Check.

On the walk back to Arcada I passed the now completely closed kiosk and the now completely closed light-fitting shop. I saw a gasoline slick on the wet pavement. Oh those oil-and-water colours!

I will get to my desk, put my stuff in the fridge, make a cup of tea, and watch the day get progressively less interesting.