Friday, March 13

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Arcada, 12:34


I took my laptop home yesterday, as required, and brought it back this morning because no decisions appear to have arrived from on high yet.

I spent the morning preparing for taking everything online, and now I sit down for lunch. Normally I might top this up with something which I will continue eating on Monday. Today I have no idea where I will find myself on Monday, so I decide not to top up.

Today I will eat salad.

This afternoon some students will not turn up to the session because they have “not received enough information”. Others will not turn up because they have “heard rumours that the building next door has the virus”.

Still others will simply not turn up. A normal day then.

I will have a class of sixteen: enough for the planned presentations, and enough to enliven the presentations with my first use of mentimeter as an instant voting tool.

It will work well.