Monday, March 16

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Crisis work area, 10:34


Today I began my first day working from home as part of Arcada’s plan to avoid transmitting the novel coronavirus. Irma had intended to do the same but Helsinki’s network had problems handling the rise in traffic so she went to Stoa instead.

Microsoft had problems handling traffic too, so Helsinki’s brief blip does not surprise me. Microsoft Teams slowed to a standstill and left Jutta, Mirko and me improvising using whatever we had to hand.

At 10:30 I step away from the screen for ten minutes. As though slapped round the face by an unruly metaphor I find two jigsaw pieces that do not fit together lying hidden, side by side.

Later we will all have a long team meeting on Zoom, at which we will learn that schools might shut soon and that universities might stay shut till summer. Jutta, Mirko and I will spend an hour exploring the more obscure areas of Zoom, to see what we can find.