Tuesday, March 17

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Puotila metro, 12:11


Last night the Finnish government declared a state of emergency, and all public buildings will close from today.

I have decided that I will establish an early morning routine to prevent the days and weeks at home sliding into idleness. The morning therefore began with breakfast and continued with a thirty minute walk around the block.

When I returned I “got to work” and opened the computer to spend most of the morning with Jutta and Mirko experimenting with Teams and Zoom.

At 12:03 I got on my bike and cycled to the metro. The bicycle stand has nothing in it except my bike and one more. This may prove the only time this Spring that I cycle to work.

At Arcada I will collect some books and have lunch with Monica and Nicke. It will feel like the lull before a storm. I will buy some half price bread from Marina who will close the restaurant for who-knows-how-long as soon as the bread has gone.

I will spend the afternoon in a Zoom room with Tomas running drop-in sessions for the teams doing the Innovations course.

Mostly we will talk with each other, and experiment with Zoom: both sensible eays to spend the time, all things considered.