Thursday, March 19

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Work space, 12:47


The sun came out at dawn. I had breakfast, walked for forty minutes, and sat down to start work.

Irma had an online meeting at 9:00 so I spent the first hour catching up on some reading that I need to do: offline using real books.

At 10:00 I began some more Teams testing. I took a sixty minute Microsoft course to show me how to use Teams for Classes to best effect. I got Jutta and Mirko to help me with some tests, so I can see how some of the things I had set up worked with actual users. Some worked, some didn’t. We all learned some useful tips.

At 12:00 Mirko recorded me on Zoom for a podcast series he has begun that will document people at Arcada working online and (of necessity) improvising their techniques.

Now we have stopped to attend the first of Nathalie’s online coffee breaks. It lasts about 45 minutes and it will seem a better idea at the end than it had seemed at the start.

The wifi more or less holds up for everyone, and I will make a test of Jutta’s suggestion. When I abandon the home wifi and switch to using my phone as a hotspot, my connection speed will multiply by a factor of ten. I take a screenshot to celebrate the fact that I can now recognise people.

I felt good about chatting with everyone.

The afternoon will pass with more of the same. I will feel vindicated about my decision to delay the class a week, because none of the students have ever used Teams before and this way at least one of us will know what to do.