Something going on here

POSTED: March 19, 2020

I appear to have an interesting plug-in issue in my ClassicPress installation. I think I may have had it for some time, without noticing it.

One plug-in seems to have managed to mess up a number of backstage functions. I have switched to experimenting in order to get this site working properly again. More in a minute or two.

Two hours later…

It seems that I have two issues, or possibly three.

The first issue: creating a new post results in a blank screen. The post gets created properly and I can see it if I go to Posts and open it. This problem does not occur if I edit it after I have opened it.

The culpit: Search Everything, a plugin that I notice last got updated 3 years ago. I deactivate every plugin and reactivate them one by one, in alphabetical order. This one pleads guilty.

The second issue, and the one that got me exploring. Today any attempt to look at the image gallery results in a page that shows only one image.

The culprit: the latest version of Media File Renamer which I downloaded yesterday, and which admitted guilt when I hauled it through the everything-off-except-you-buddy interrogation.

The solution: I went to, found the plugin’s page, clicked on Advanced View, and downloaded the previous version. Everything works again.

I also left a message with the developers because every little helps.