Wednesday, March 25

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Long path, 8:19


I have got up and eaten breakfast, and looked at the bright blue sky. I have decided to go for a walk before starting work. I walk through the woods, turn left at Herranlinnantie, walk across Riskutie and turn left down the long unnamed path that leads to the ring road if you carry on far enough.

As I walk rapidly along in an increasing wind I spot an abandoned shopping trolley miles from the nearest shop, and a reasonable walk from the nearest road. I pause to contemplate it.

When I start work I will begin by clearing up the mess that suddenly misbehaving plugins have done to this site, and then turn to the final preparations for the course that starts tomorrow on Zoom.

I will pace myself, pausing to have a shower and move our mailbox from one location to another. I will join the team online get together, and finish grading the Innovations course with Tomas.

As long as the weather remains good I will find this more than bearable.