Monday, March 30

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Vartiokyläntie, 8:17


My third week of working from home began with me suddenly waking up at 7:00 from a very deep sleep in which I dreamed that I had lost my bag on the deck of an overcrowded tourist boat in which everyone harboured a vague unspoken hostility towards me.

I had breakfast and went for my before-work walk. I chose a different route and listened to an early Jack Johnson album to accompany me. I watched his Instagram concert from his living room on the north shore of Oahu yesterday morning, which might explain my choice.

I walk along towards the 95 bus. I watch someone get on it at the bus stop as I approach. As it passes I notice that the bus only has one passenger: the person I saw get on. Under normal circumstances this would count as rush hour and the bus would have very few empty seats.

I have only seen a handful of people in fifteen minutes of walking.

At 9:00, I will wash my hands for the recommended thirty seconds, switch on my computer, and settle down to begin my week’s work.