Podcasts for indoor living

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POSTED: April 1, 2020

You can always find silver linings if you look in the right places. I have been looking for some beneficial outcomes of the closure of most public buildings in Helsinki, and the move to working from home. I have found podcasts.

Their existence doesn’t surprise me, not least because I have spent some of the last eighteen months making one every fortnight. However only now have I found a way of making them a part of my daily life.

And they have turned out a very neat addition to my routines.

I used to listen to music when I went for long walks at the weekend. Under the new dispensation, I now alternate between listening to music, listening to a podcast, and listening to nature, when I go for my twice daily walks through the woods, according to my moods and what else I have done.

At the weekend I downloaded the open source AntennaPod onto my phone, which has proved a much better app than whatever came as the default. I also spent a couple of hours looking for things to listen to. I found a lot (no surprise there), filleted the list, and ended up with twelve that I have started listening to regularly.

I found all of them on Apple podcasts, having discovered their existence by bouncing around the web in the old fashioned way.

Twelve podcasts

1. 60 Second Science
2. 88 Names
3. All Songs Considered
4. Brain Science with Ginger Campbell
5. Grammar Girl
6. Monocle on Culture
7. Moral Maze
8. Science for the People
9. Sean Carroll’s Mindscape
10. Music Exploder
11. The Infinite Monkey Cage
12. Thinking Allowed

Your list may well differ from this.

I will flesh my list out later. For the moment I leave it here in skeletal form.