Hello Katerinuska!

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POSTED: April 2, 2020

Sometimes I get spam, and sometimes it contains an image that will probably cause my computer to melt down if I try to open it. This happens to all of us, no doubt.

Mostly I delete them without thinking. Sometimes, however, the badly written or badly translated message exudes an alluring charm of its own; an oddness that brightens my day.

I received this an hour ago.

Hey there Sweetie. I am from Russia and my own father and mother named me personally Ina. Right now i am trying to find a responsible and simply trustworthy relation with a guy. You actually captured my own undivided attention and I wish to meet you. Maybe, I spurred your personal charm as well, if so please make sure to reply to me as soon as possible. I’m going to forward you much more of my own personal pictures. And will look forward to your response to my personal email down under. All best wishes, Katerinuska!

I love the phrase “and my own father and mother named me personally Ina”. It made me chuckle warmly for a second or two.

It didn’t make me open the attached image though.