Friday, August 31

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Aleksanderinkatu, 14:20

We had an early morning. Auo and I left for school at 7:10 and I spent most of the morning planning courses and doing administration. I also printed out what I have written so far for the thesis. Somewhat to my surprise it came to almost 40,000 words.

At 13:00 I met Stefan at Dylan and we talked through my progress so far and my strategy for finishing it. Afterwards we went to look for the student office to see if I had completed all the registration process correctly. It was closed.

Now I am in the centre. I have just been to Stadium in Forum to collect Naa and my equipment for the Midnight Run tomorrow. There is a tank parked outside Suomalainenkrjakauppa for some reason.

Later it will start raining and get dark. The cat will race in and we will go to bed early