Monday, April 6

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Rohdinkuja, 15:45


I had four adventures in Teams and Zoom today.

I started with a seventy five minute tutorial, which successfully onboarded a student to one of the courses. I then spent the rest of the morning setting up the downloadable zip files for the first two blocks of Interactive Storytelling, and making a spreadsheet to show me how the students had arranged themselves into teams. As I suspected, not all of them had. I therefore emailed the teamless to wake them up.

At midday I had a meeting about the MA course. We have to assess another batch of applications. Jani and I have been nominated Team A, and we have to report back on Wednesday evening.

At 13:15 I joined a departmental team meeting which lasted almost two hours. I followed this with some experiments in Teams to try to find out why Jutta’s microphone had stopped working. Eventually turning Teams off and back on solved it.

I put down my headphones and head for the door. I walk to the postbox at the end of the road. No mail, but that hardly matters. I left the building and walked in the fresh air for ten minutes. On the way back I look at the yellow decoration on the white door.

I work for one more hour and then go for a seventy five minute walk. Symmetry, we love it.