Tuesday, April 14

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The woods, 8:04


I wake up at 7:15, look out of the window and discover a world of snow. I have breakfast and leave for a winter walk.

I stop in the woods to look around at the stillness and to hear the silence. I stand there for ten minutes or more taking it all in.

I will spend the morning preparing and the afternoon teaching Structuring Information. We will work on reconstructing the snowcastlevalley.org site, as a way of learning while working on something real.

We will get a long way and I will spend some time after the students leave consolidating the day’s lesssons.

I will then accompany Irma to Ikea for one more set of Billy shelving, so that I can spend the evening assembling it.

The evening? Pshaw! Practice makes perfect and this Billy gets assembled in twenty minutes or less.