Tuesday, April 21


Over Vartiokylä, 21:12


I started today with a long walk listening to more Creative Commons licensed music, and followed that with an interesting and productive meeting with Nathalie. My annual performance review served a number of purposes, all of them good.

At 11:00 I had a tutorial with a student who has got momentarily stuck. I think we unstuck her.

At 12:00 I changed a lamp outdoors. It turns out that it took one of me to change a lightbulb.

At 13:15 I had a three hour session for Structuring Information.

At 20:30 I had an overdue conversation with Sahan. We caught up on the situations in Kovalam and Vartiokylä, and started the process of long term planning.

After that I went into the garden and looked up at the sky. That, I thought, counts as a proper sunset.