Friday, April 24

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Zoom, 21:21


In the morning I get the second version of the Snowcastle Valley website online, and set about testing it on various devices. I decide that it needs some tweaking. However, now I have remade it from scratch I now understand how everything works, and everything works logically. I can tweak anything I need to without any risk of unintended side-effects.

I hope.

I spend most of the day making or preparing podcasts. I will have four almost done by the end of the day.

At 21:00 we join Luke’s virtual birthday party and virtual rave on Facebook and Zoom. We have tickets to the VIP room in Zoom and I put a Minecraft background on. I meet a few peole I already know, and some more that I recognise.

Casey and Ohema appear and Casey shouts, “Look they are inside Mincraft!” That made the background worthwhile.