Sunday, September 2

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Runeberginkatu, 18:20

I woke up with very sore legs this morning. Both thighs were aching, and my right knee was still slightly swollen. I went for a short and gentle walk before breakfast because I thought this might get rid of some of the stiffness.

After breakfast we all did some gardening, getting rid of fallen apples and leaves. Auo picked most of the final redcurrants, with a bit of help from me.

Irma’s parents arrived for lunch and late afternoon coffee and cake. We have driven them home and I have fixed their computer (which had merely got stuck in a process while attempting to shut down). Naa and I have been shopping for them, and Naa is spending the night there. Irma and I are walking back to the car and I am looking down at the new cycle track which has been built along the old railway track that used to run through the centre of the city.