Monday, April 27

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Valikatu, Porvoo, 13:43


We have both worked long hours during the last few weeks; Irma especially. She has decided that we should take today (mostly) off, and have an adventure. We set off for Porvoo.

We have an immediate adventure because the Old Porvoo Road has major road-building. For the first time in our lives we have to follow a special car with a big flashing sign saying Follow Me in Finnish. It weaves in and out of the big machines.

That’s Seuraa minua, by the way, for those who want it translated.

We walk around an almost completely deserted market place which has one flower stall and has three mobile snack bars with a small number of socially distanced old people using them.

We note that the Lundi mini-mall has changed completely as we walk into the old town. I photograph a postman cycling up the cobbled street. He apologises as he passes for getting into the photograph.

I had waited patiently to make sure that I included him.