Thursday, April 30

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Silkinkutojankuja, 8:37


Yesterday afternoon we had a sudden hailstorm which turned into a sudden snowstorm, which turned into rain. The temperature has dropped dramatically. I cannot imagine anyone going for a walk in such weather.

I find myself going for a walk in such weather, and wish I had brought a pair of gloves. I walk quickly.

As I near home, after a circuitous route, I turn right into Silkinkutojankuja to cross the narrow stretch of woods that divides it from Rohdinkuja. For some reason a drain catches my eye. I look into it and realise that I can see yesterday’s rainwater glittering in the light.

I will spend the morning preparing for the final session in the Structuring Information course, which will arrive at approximately the destination I had had in mind when we set out six weeks ago.

I will go for a very brief walk to clear my head and discover that the weather has warmed up again.

I will then have an online meeting with Sahan, in which we will again talk about Minecraft, and how we can best use it.