Sunday, May 3

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Puotilarantatie, 9:57


We finished our Vappu celebrations on Friday evening, just before we watched The Sinner, and yesterday we drank lingonberry juice and went to bed early.

This morning I had an early morning walk in bright summer sunshine. I went for a long walk, listening to more podcasts from Radio 4. I discovered Sarah Dunant’s When Greeks Flew Kites from a couple of years ago and started listening to that. I liked it.

I walk down to the beach and take some photographs of the rocks there. People have started walking in groups again, in expectation of the government relaxing the rules on social gathering on Monday.

In the afternoon we will do the biggest Spring cleaning that we have done in a decade or mor. We will strip a whole walk-in cupboard and rebuild it.

I will go to bed with sore thumbs and hands.