Sunday, May 10

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Vartiokyläntie, 10:35


Today Finland celebrates Mother’s Day, and all the flagpoles in the country have the Finnish flag raised. I spot one in a garden as I go for a walk.

I get Irma some gifts as a token of appreciation, since on daughter can’t and the other can’t bring herself to. She gets a Happy Black Face mask, some body lotion, two gift vouchers, and a purse that she noticed in Stockmann last week.

We have learned that burger truck will arrive in Vartiokylä at 13:00 to make burgers for anyone who has pre-ordered. We walk there to collect our pre-ordered vege-burgers. Irma saves hers but I tuck into mine as soon as we get home, while it is still hot.

This will put me at a distinct disadvantage when we arrive at Irma’s mother’s apartment to cook and eat uunilohi. I will manage much less than I want.