Tuesday, May 12

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The sea, 8:04


Last night we watched the first four episodes of the first series of the Ricky Gervais After Life programme on Netflix. I confess that I had little enthusiasm when I sat down to watch it, I got sucked in in a way that I never expected, and now neither of us can wait to watch the remaining episodes tonight.

This morning I looked out of the window when I got up and saw that yesterday had disappeared without a trace. The snow had come and gone like an odd cut-scene in an otherwise predictable movie.

I go for a walk and this time I take the path that I don’t remember ever walking before. When I get to the end I cannot remember whether Auo and I used to cycle here, or whether we somehow missed this area altogether. I stand on a little bridge and look at the point where the stream turns into the sea.

If I look straight down and then slightly to the right I can see Puotila Beach.

I will spend the day in meetings. In the background I will move everything from Evernote to Joplin, its open source equivalent. I know that I moved everything from Evernote to Notebooks a few months ago, but I have come to appreciate Joplin more than I did when I first tried it. It has become clearer to me how I might use it, and why it might prove a better fit than Notebooks (which looks slightly nicer but seems slower and does not have an Android app).