Wednesday, May 13

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Karhulantie, 8:25


Yesterday evening we watched the final two episodes of After Life, and liked it. Ricky Gervais managed to walk along the edge of sacharine without ever actually toppling into the waiting vat of sugar. We also watched the first episode of the second series, which left me wondering if he can keep this up for another whole series without the concept and execution becoming tired or formulaic.

On the way back home this morning I walk past Plantagen and look up to see the cherry trees in blossom. We almost saw a park full of these at the weekend, but we didn’t.

Now I do.

I will spend the day in Teams and in Zoom. Christa, Micke and I will take the first important steps to starting up the Vaken project. Against the odds, we have all the money we need. Now we need the people.

I emailed our partners who will hopefully reply with boundless energy and enthusiasm.

At the end of the day I finally download Minecraft and begin playing in it. I discover that I have no idea at all what I should do, and very little idea of how I should do it. I wander around pointlessly and then stop.

More research required, probably from a small child or a student.