Boing Boing

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POSTED: May 15, 2020

Boing Boing started out as a zine – a self-described neurozine – in 1988, and I used to travel to Camden to purchase it at the Compendium Bookshop, along with Mondo 2000, and other similar effusions.

You can read about its long and storied history at Wikipedia. Remnants of it still linger on as a not very interesting website.

Recently I discovered a slightly mutilated limited-edition t-shirt that I had brought with me to Finland over twenty years ago. I had ordered this the old-school way sometime in the early nineties. I had sent off for it to San Francisco by mail, enclosing a cheque or postal order.

If I remember correctly I received a signed letter and a duplicated leaflet with the shirt, and the whole package had a made-at-home cottage industry feel to it.

The t-shirt has laid at the bottom of a drawer for over a decade and surfaced during our recent spring cleaning. Once photographed and posted here I will probably cut it up and use it as dust cloths.