Thursday, May 21

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Garden, 16:40


We wake up to Ascension Day; a public holiday in Finland but not one of the ones in which people run flags up flagpoles. The weather has turned hot and cloudless, and the weather forecasters have promised that it will remain this way all weekend.

I go for a long walk and then I spend the day in the garden. I dig little holes. Bulbs and plants leap into them. I cover them up and then stand back to see if I can see them starting to grow.

At some point I notice the cherub and the broomstick on the railing. I wonder what moral that story might have.

One day, a little colourless Cherub lay along a white railing, in the bright summer sun. The Cherub saw a bright multi-coloured Broomstick, leaning against the railing.

And so on, until we eventually discover the moral of the story.