Friday, May 22

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Sandholmsudden, 14:17


The sun continues to beat down, as promised, and we head for Pellinge.

The pandemic has, and will continue to have, a sizeable effect on summer in the archipelago. The market will apparently open tomorrow with only ten customers allowed in at once. No outside sellers will get space to sell, so the market will to a few stalls selling fish and vegetables with (possibly) Gunilla’s bread and Eva’s felted things.

We drive to the shop and say hello to Erika. We buy fish directly from Vicke, who seems happy to see us, as does Mari. We stand and chat, and buy our first fishcakes of the year.

I find myself wearing shorts and flip-flops for the first time this year, and not feeling in the slightest bit cold.

We arrive at Benita’s to buy gas for the mower. The cafe has not opened, but she has set up an emergency cafe in the hut by the gas station. There she sits, dispensing sandwiches and drinks, and (from tomorrow onward) fish soup.

I walk down onto the jetty and get a clear view of the island in front of Sandholm.