Thursday, May 28

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Linnanpellonpolku, 8:23


Overnight rain: the cushion that fell asleep on the garden furniture woke up wet and had to hang itself up to dry. The sun comes out to help as best it can.

I decide to follow exactly the same route that I followed on Tuesday, not something that I often do. I stop at exactly the same place and then walk forward onto the bridge. I turn and look at the water that the bridge spans. I think that one day soon, I will follow the water in both directions as far as I can.

I might bring my bike for that.

I will finish the latest Infinite Monkey Cage podcast, and check to see if a new one has arrived. Not yet.

I will get to work (or return home, if we want accuracy) and customise the new version of Joplin. I will then do some planning, and hold an online tutorial.

Today I will take lots of breaks, as recommended by doctors worldwide. I will even sit in the garden for some of them, once the bench has dried.