Monday, September 3

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Home, 17:50

This morning Naa was at Kamppi, and Auo and I got up at 7:30 for breakfast. I had the fresh redcurrants that Auo picked yesterday with my cereal.

The morning was spent administrating, which is the technical term for sorting things out that I thought had already been sorted out. I skipped lunch because between looking at the queue on the web cam and walking down the stairs, it had grown from 5 people to approximately 50 metres. I went to the mall instead where I discovered Fazer’s fruit pies were half price again. It wasn’t balanced lunch but it was delicious.

The afternoon passed at a media team meeting where I played with CalPad which I had bought in order to be able to compare three calendar apps for the Mobile Apps course. It made me realise that, if SmartPad would have just a few bugs less, it would be damn near perfect for me.

Now I am in the garden watching the storm clouds rapidly obliterating the blue sky. In ten minutes time it will start pouring with rain so hard that Irma and Auo will decide to drive to Prisma to buy a camera. I will stay at home to do the ironing. It will start thundering and the cat will hide in the box of knickers it uses when it is frightened. Later it will hide in my suitcase while I am trying to pack for my journey tomorrow.