Monday, June 8

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Hanaholmen, 13:57


It takes more than three month’s locked down at home to stop the Film & Media department having a summer picnic. Nathalie will leave Finland to take up a new post in Oslo in two week’s time so the picnic also doubles as a farewell party.

The weather turns cold. Rain pours down. I meet Nathalie at Puotila metro station where we get a metro to Lauttasaari and a 104 bus to Hanaholmen. These constitute my first journeys on public transport since March.

We will walk past this large Lego-like man to collect our huge and heavy picnic lunches. I will have fish, which include a generous portion of baked salmon, and a lot of shrimp & mayonnaise, on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, green beans and potatoes.

This will come with a croissant, a bread roll, a cake, a big soft-baked biscuit, a peach, an apple and some candy. The bag will also contain a bottle of sparkling water and a bottle of organic orange juice.

We will find some seats in the open, under a cover, and party away while maintaining a discreet social distance.