Tuesday, June 9

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Kukkaniityntie, 8:23


It has rained overnight, but that has turned into mere damp air. I go for a long walk, listening to Man’s Rhinos, Winos and Lunatics for the first time in a decade or so.

The twin guitars still sound good. Micky Jones and Deke Leonard worked well together. However, the tunes reveal the fact that they got written quickly, once after the other.

“The similarity is amazing, Bunter.”

Before this I listen to the final part of a podcast interview with Mary Currie, who emailed me to alert me to this. I knew her for years in London, and Contagious distributed the cassette she made with Gareth Williams as Flaming Tunes.

This cassette has apparently become a global cult, and has had reissues on cd and vinyl, with another one coming this summer. They had the good sense to digitise their music before the cassettes wore out and decayed.

If only Negrava had followed the same path, we could have had had the same treatment. Or not. Instead, without wishing to, we pioneered ephemeral culture that leaves without a trace.

I think these thoughts as I walk down Kukkaniityntie towards the overpass and turn left into Vartiokyläntie.