Wednesday, June 10

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Garden, 12:15


This morning I listened, for the first time, to an episode of The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry, a BBC Radio 4 podcast, and it made me laugh out loud twice, as I walked along by the sea. It has, for the moment at least, become my new favourite podcast.

I spent the morning in a long Zoom meeting planning the Vaken project with Christa, Elena and Mickie. Planning got done, and we moved a long way. I feel hopeful that this might prove both exciting and interesting.

Now I have stopped to wander around and stretch my body. I spot a bird on a stick and photograph it with my iPad.

I will spend the afternoon experimenting with a free Minecraft server on the way to discovering the best way to progress with DGD when we eventually get to restart it live.

One major advantage of Minecraft as a teaching arena lies in the fact that I can participate as well from Finland as from Kerala once we have the systems up and running.

Hence this afternoon’s experiments.