Thursday, June 11

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Garden, 15:20


Nathalie leaves for Norway in two weeks time. Jutta never got to the goodbye meeting at Hanaholmen on Monday. We therefore planned a final meeting of our own for today.

Jutta and Nathalie both turned up at 14:00 with their dogs; Hoppu and Taffy, respectively. We sat in the garden and then went indoors for cake and coffee; an excellent spread that Irma had prepared for us that included masses of fresh strawberries.

We then went for an hour’s walk through the woods with the dogs, who had never met each other before.

Back in the garden I manage to photograph Hoppu jumping up at me. I have not seen him for a year or so, and he has doubled in size.

After they have gone I will sit in the garden in the sudden heat and sunshine, and read The Unofficial Guide to Minecraft.