Sunday, June 14

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Sundö, 15:10


The sun continues to beat down.

Some people have rented the cottage by the bay, and come to ask “what are you doing?” when they notice me sawing the top off a maple tree. “Sawing the top off a maple tree”, I reply. “But why?” they ask.

I cannot imagine why they have decided to ask this, but I explain that the tree should grow outwards rather than upwards, and I intend to cut the upper branches – the ones pointing straight up – to encourage this.

The sheep come to eat the maple and the woman seems satisfied. She asks who own the boat on the path. “We do”, I reply. “But why isn’t it in the water?” she asks.

I explain that we will put it in the water next week, so we can bail it out until the wood expands. She seems pleased with this information.

Later I walk down to the bay and look out at the sea. I turn to look at the rowing boat and suspect it has been put their for the visitors’ use. I contemplate going to ask them and decide not to.