Wednesday, June 17

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Arabia, 11:57


I have come to Arcada for the first time since the middle of March. I want to collect a couple of bags of books, so that I can read (and more especially write) during the summer. I also want to use the lightning fast network at Arcada to synchronise Dropbox, on my laptop so that I can take it to Pellinge.

Finally I want to install Joplin and Minecraft on my laptop at Arcada, rather than trying to do it via a phone in the archipelago.

At lunchtime I decide that I will go to the mall. Then I remember that when I last went to the mall S-Market had closed for renovation. I decide I must go and have a look.

The new S-Market does indeed look very different. Everything flows in the opposite direction. You enter on the left and leave on the right. It has also grown. It has taken over the adjacent kioski, and has several new areas.

I photograph it after I have spent fifteen minutes exploring.