Poor or sober? You decide

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POSTED: June 24, 2020

This piece of news first appeared in English on the YLE website on Monday June 22.

The price of alcoholic beverages in Finland was the highest in the EU last year, according to a price comparison index conducted by the EU’s statistical office Eurostat.

The study found that alcohol cost 91 percent more in Finland than the EU average. Finland was also the most expensive country in the EU in 2018, when prices were found to be 82 per cent above the EU average.

The next highest prices in 2019 among EU member states were in Ireland and Sweden, while the cheapest prices were to be found in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

The report also stated that outside the EU countries, “the most expensive alcohol in Europe last year was found in Iceland and Norway. In these two countries, alcoholic beverages cost just over 160 percent more than the EU average in 2019”.

Surprised? Possibly by Ireland’s inclusion in the top three, but not by anything else.