Tuesday, September 4

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Helsinki-Vantaa airport, 18:10

Auo and I went to school and work early, and spent the bus ride planning how and when we would Skype while I am away. In the morning I wrote up some course descriptions, including a potential evening class.

At lunchtime I walked to Aalto and successfully registered as a student. I also got some clues about getting access to my online Aalto account.

Now I am at the airport and Irma is at Auo’s parents evening. Since this a non-eating day I will be spared any dilemmas about wildly expensive sandwiches and beer.

When I get to Heathrow the journey to Clapham will be as long as I had feared. I will get to the hotel about 22:45, and be forced to take a double room for the price of a single since there are no singles available. I will not gain much as the double room is the size of an average single room with a double bed crammed in. One look at the facilities and I will make a mental note to obtain my own shampoo and toiletries.