David Bohm: the movie

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POSTED: June 26, 2020

Paul Howard, an Irish documentary maker of some standing, has just released a movie about David Bohm, directly to YouTube, called Infinite Potential. He wrote and directed it.

The film has a website (of course) where you can learn some of the background to the movie – including some background about David Bohm who remains unknown to most people.

The website points out that he

was one of the 20th Century’s most brilliant physicists. Albert Einstein called him his spiritual son. The Dalai Lama relied upon him as his “science guru.” So why is it that hardly any of us know the name: David Bohm?

By telling the little-known story of David Bohm and evoking the realms he explored in his research, INFINITE POTENTIAL takes us on a mesmerizing and immersive journey into the mystery of Consciousness––through the use of hypnotic music and rich visual tapestries. The film includes interviews with luminaries such as H.H. the Dalai Lama, esteemed artist Antony Gormley, Oxford philosopher and physicists Sir Roger Penrose, and many more who were influenced by Bohm’s revolutionary work.

You can find the movie itself here

And you can also watch the panel discussion that followed the online premiere here

I first came across Bohm as a student. I read Wholeness and the Implicate Order when it first came out, and then carried on taking notice of what he got up to.

Apparently more scientists have begun to take his underlying thesis seriously recently. Not because they can prove what he proposed, but because they believe his proposals may offer a useful starting point for rethinking the increasing number of aspects of theoretical physics that appear to need rethinking.