Friday, June 26

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Lanterna, 16:12


I have come to Lanterna to look at furniture, not that I will buy any. I will learn two unrelated things.

Firstly I will learn that the Finnish family-owned chain called Hong Kong, or Honkeri to its regulars, has changed hands. It has become the Finnish outpost of Rusta, a Swedish company in approximately the same line of business.

The business? Nicknacks and things you never knew you wanted; or never knew existed. Today I saw a fully transparent kettle.

Secondly I learned that non-meat burgers have continued to blossom while I had my gaze elsewhere.

On a whim we go for a quick snack in Hesburger. I get a 1 euro vegeburger with cheese. I could have had a very different full vegeburger, or I could have had an oat burger.

This one did the job nicely though.