Thursday, September 6

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Bank tube station, 17:45

Last night I did sleep, and this morning I woke up to find myself instantly wide awake. The morning keynote was by Bruce Brown and was detailed and interesting. I spent the some of the morning sessions siting at the back of the room listening while fiddling with the Popplet I had made for my presentation. I skipped lunch because that was the day it was. Instead I found Muji and purchased some small bags for my irritating assortment of cables.

I was the last speaker of the afternoon, and by the point I rose to speak my Popplet did exactly what I wanted. The talk lasted seventeen minutes exactly and sparked thirty minutes of conversation, which means that I am counting it as a success.

Now I am on my way back to the hotel. I am changing trains at Bank where the tunnels are endless.

When I get back to Clapham I will attempt to Skype with Auo but she will not appear at the time we agreed. I will hang on for forty five minutes, just in case, and then go out to buy another litre and a half of water, have a shower, read while my hair dries, and go to bed.