Friday, July 24

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Porvoo old town, 15:47


Oh what a weather!

The rain poured down most of the morning, having started early yesterday evening. The temperature had dropped to late autumn, and the wind had risen well past uncomfortable.

When it finally returned to what would count as normal in later autumn we decided to pay a visit to the Björböle Friday market, which proved tiny. We sampled Olga Kellgren’s fish cakes, which made us long for Maj-Britt’s.

Wondering what to do next we headed for Porvoo to see what we could see.

We end up in the little antique shops housed in old warehouses in the alleys off Jokikatu that lead down to the river itself. I take some pictures.

It will eventually get 12 likes on Instagram, which will seem like a lot or a little, depending on your starting point.