Monday, July 27

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Sundö, 13:50


Last week the weather got worse and worse until yesterday, when it flipped and became midsummer all over again, just in time for Jutta’s annual visit.

Today the summer weather carried on as though Jutta had never left, and we sat in hammocks and/or chairs reading and sunbathing.

I work on the terraces, which I promised to do this summer when the weather permitted. I paint (or vanish or lacquer) them with teraasi öljy, after first pulling out all the grass and weeds between the planks.

In the bright sunlight they seem to have no exact colour. They become black, brown or blue depending on your angle of vision. They will settle down to a light black.

At 18:30 Irma will leave for Helsinki to do various things. I will suddenly realise that I have never actually spent a single night alone here. I have always had a child or a cat with me.

You can always find something new to do.