Tuesday, July 28

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Sauna house, 14:00


I woke up at 4:30 to the sound of torrential rain and had to leap out of the house and run around the garden grabbing the cushions and putting them somewhere out of the rain. I also undid the soggy hammock and took that into the summer kitchen.

I had checked the weather app before going to sleep and it had promised a dry night and a dry and sunny morning, with light showers this afternoon. It could not have given a more incorrect forecast if it has deliberately set out to.

Apparently, so I have read, the lack of air traffic due to the pandemic has changed air patterns in ways that make forecasting much harder than usual. Seismologists, o the other hand, have found the lack of road traffic and building work, has made their job both easier and more accurate.

The rain has continued all day without stopping, and pools have started to appear in the miniature valleys in the garden. I have sat in the sauna house since I got up and made breakfast.

I look out of the window in the sauna and photograph a landscape shiny with water and with less visibility than usual because of the endless sheets of rain.

The rain will eventually ease off but continue in a milder form until I give up and go to bed.