Saturday, August 1

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Work room, 17:12


Meanwhile in Helsinki…

We drove back from Sundö yesterday afternoon, and went into frenzied activity. I picked redcurrants from the bushes whch seem to have an infinite supply this year.

This morning I carried on picking until we had no more room in the freezer. I followed this with cleaning, mowing, sweeping, and more.

Now I have come into the workroom to download the three files for the next episode of Meanwhile in an Abandoned Warehouse, which will take the form of a discussion between Sophie, Katy Beinart and Emily Druiff. I will edit this in eight days time, when we return from Riga.

Sophie’s file came with a worrying little note that said, “Sorry about all the stopping and starting, we had to log in and out after about 40 mins and people get knocking on my door! I’m not sure how long it will be once you’ve taken all those bits out. I’m so sorry if this makes it an awkward edit!”

I read this and look over at the shelf to my left. I see an old container and a bronze animal. I photograph them.

Not very well, as it turns out.