Sunday, August 2

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Doma laukums, 10:45


We had strange adventures at 6:30 in Helsinki airport, where everyone wore masks and nothing worked quite the same as usual. The flight left at 8:05 and arrived in Riga about 9:10.

We arrived at the hotel about forty minutes later, and the rather eccentric receptionist invited us to have a breakfast straightaway.

Now we have eaten, and decide to go for a walk while our room gets ready. I pause to take a photo of the entrance.

We walk around the Old Town where every second person speaks Finnish. I remember large chunks of it from previous visits. “Oh look, there’s TGI Friday,” I say before we spot a place that sells three course lunches for 6 euros. We like the look of Wednesday’s menu.

We get back about 13:00 and go to our room – number 110, since you ask – which slopes in a way that seems to fit the ambience perfectly.