Monday, August 10

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The woods, 8:24


Today we return to work, at least mentally. I get up at 7:30, have breakfast, and leave the house.

By taking a circuitous and meandering route, I can walk for an hour through the woods while listening to two episodes of The Infinite Monkey Cage: one about the brain, and the other about how life began.

As I walk along the path I see an opening into the trees that resembles an archway (if you see your eyes and think about it hard). I stand looking into it, wondering whether or not to venture in.

By 9:15 I sit at the table in the work room and open my computer. I will spend most of the day getting back into the swing of things, or attempting to.

I will check everything online at Arcada and then start planning my courses for this academic year. I will have a Zoom meeting with Jutta, and send a message to Dennis.

Jutta and I will agree to meet in person at Arcada next Monday. Dennis and I will agree to meet in Minecraft tomorrow.

I will join in some discussions on internationalisation at home and chat briefly with Tomas.

Finally I will make sure that Todoist and my diary say the same things, and then sit back ready for the next period of distanced fun.